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sweetheart wedding table - yes, I do!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Why to Have Sweetheart Wedding Table Instead of Head Table:

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Probably all of us once faced the situation when you were supposed to sit at the head table across the room from your partner as a member of the bridal party, which brought some discomfort. You can avoid it at your wedding by opting for the sweetheart table intended just for you and your fiancé. We bring you 5 reasons that will convince you to choose the sweetheart table option.

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Weddings are usually accompanied with stress, so having your beloved one by your side will allow you to share some personal time with each other without being distracted by other people. Simply sit back and enjoy every single moment of the wedding celebration you have been planning for the last couple months.

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Avoiding conflicts

If you decide to have a head table, you will probably face the problem of your family members arguing about sitting or not sitting by your side. This becomes especially actual when your parents don’t get along well.

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Extra time for taking photos

By opting for the sweetheart table you will allow your wedding photographer to shoot you and your beloved one during the sweetest moments. The creative banner or the playful sing will make your pictures even more striking. Just don’t forget to tell your photographer that you want him to take the photos of your two while sitting at the sweetheart table.

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Make your wedding party happy

By refusing  having a head table you will allow the members of your wedding party celebrate while sitting with their partners. Otherwise it could bring some tension, especially if the partner is not familiar with the guests sitting at the same table.

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Take first meal in the roles of husband and wife

I have no doubts you have taken a lot of meals together, but this would be the first time when you eat together in the new status of the husband and wife. Just think about all the efforts and money you have invested in this wedding celebration before enjoying the meal together. Believe me you will have plenty of chances to communicate with your guests at your wedding reception.

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