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wine tour in Italy

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Italy is the second largest exporter of wine in the world. From north to south, you will find indescribable landscapes and outstanding wines associated to an incredible gastronomy.



Let your sense of smell guide you to the smell of pressed olives and grapes. You could taste the olive oil and local products, while visit incredible vineyards and historic cellar where the antique barrels are stored. You will now understand all stages of the harvest to bottling. You’ll be able to spend the night at some of this incredible property accommodations are mainly located in the vineyards itself. The atmosphere, the smell, the food and the peculiarities of this place will make you live unforgettable moments!


Awake in this haven surrounded by vineyards and charming hills dotted with cypress and gray blue olive trees. After a good breakfast made with local products, go to meet the winemakers who will tell you all of their passion for wine.

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There are three major wine areas in Italy such as TuscanyPiedmont and Veneto. Also very productive are Apulia and Sicily region.

Tuscany in unquestionably the most important region of Italy in regards for the production of Wine. A visit to Tuscany could not be considered complete if you didn’t include at least one wine tasting tour from Florence or Siena. You could go visit Chianti, Montalcino or Montepulciano to go wine tasting and in addittion to this you'll get a chance to experience lot more than just wine and food, in terms or history, architecture, landscapes. 

Wine Tasting How it works: Stopping at a winery, whether the actual wine cellars or their wine shop and taste various of their wines. This is something, which may take form 15 to 30 minutes; it is not something, which deserves to make specific arrangements for unless you absolutely want to taste wines of some specific estate. This has an average cost from 0 to 10 euro

Winery Tour or Estate Tour: Going to a specific Winery and tour it’s premises, including fermentation plants, cellars and in some cases bottling plant and vineyards. An employee of the winery or in small wineries the owner will give the tour explaining the background and history of the estate and their peculiarities of the wines, how the wine is made aged etc… At the end of the tour you also have a more structured and informative wine tasting of their products. This is something which may take form 45 minutes to 1h30′, This has an average cost from 10 to 30 euro.
In some wineries it’s possible to only do wine tastings in other is only possible to get a winery tours, in other you can do either of the options

Private tours are more personalized and fun than those large crowds, you and your group of friend or just you and your family members!

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