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Let's talk about ... Farewell Party!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

A farewell party is a party you throw for your guest before they leave, so everyone can see each other once again and say goodbye.


Organizing a farewell party isn't that different from organizing other types of parties related to your wedding, except that you need to consider how to honor who is going back home, and how to thank them appropriately. Here is what I read about it recently, and I thought sharing with you all.



1.Choose "where" to hold the party. It could be at the wedding venue itself or at a totally new location, such as a nice local restaurant.

2.Organize people who might wish to give speeches so do you. Make sure to have your opportunity to respond them.

3.MAKE DECORATIONS. In this case, it can be something like a “banner” that says something simple or leaves a clear message to who came for you two, all the way in Italy.

4.FOOD. Unless you're planning a sit-down meal, finger foods are just fine. The only different food you might consider having is the one your guests would like the most. 

5.THINK ABOUT A FAREWELL GIFT for everyone. It is usual at farewell parties to present a gift to your guests. It would be nice to think at something made locally, maybe hand made, a little piece of Italy. Or keep it simple, and find things that help a person who travels.

6.TAKE PLENTY OF PICS TO REMEMBER THE OCCASION. You can email the best of these to everyone later on, to remember the event and everyone who attended.




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