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Catholic ceremony on Lake Como? Yes, you can!

Thursday, November 24, 2016


Are you dreaming a catholic wedding in this area?

First of all, you may want to read here about how to get married in Italy, in first place.

Second of all, if you think your wedding should take place in the Lake of Como, besides being the most famous of the Italian Lakes, you should know that is also one of the most beautiful places in the world.

With its stunning views of the majestic mountains and the clear water that varies in color from light green to dark green/blue and that sometimes, when the water is still, you can see reflected on it the magnificent scenery that surrounds the lake, you see along the shores the picturesque towns and villages that attract tourists from all over the world all year round.

Is also the fact that Lake Como may feels like home that so many celebrities decided to come over and visit and in many occasions also to buy a house, such did the famous actor George Clooney.

There are many churches on Lake Como, but the Diocese of Como, which is responsible for all religious weddings in the area, allows them only to Italian resident people or for really important religious matters which have to be submitted in advance for discussion and evaluation.



But in the charming and picturesque town of Varenna, there's a church who is related to the more flexible Diocese of Milan, in which is possible to perform religious weddings or blessings for non Italian residents.

The ceremony can be conducted in English thanks to a kind English speaking parish priest and will also have civil value.

The small town is reachable by boat and that's a fast and very romantic way to travel across the lake.

The town has a large harbor and a small private boat port which can be used for the arrival of wedding couples and their guests.

Once you get off the boat, it is very nice to experience a lovely and romantic walk and make your up to the church, also to get the best opportunities on shooting the best wedding pictures.


Church of S. Giorgio in Varenna


The inside

The Church dominates the town main square and splendidly distinguishes itself among the various styles of the colored apartments, hotels and cafes.

It is a Fourteenth Century and perfectly preserved church with a dominant clock tower with original and still working bells, who will announce to people the arrival of a new bride each time a memorable wedding is going to be celebrated.

Inside the church there is enough seating for 300 people, large stone columns, original wall fresco's and a long aisle that leads you to the original altar.

If you're dreaming about a religious ceremony on Lake Como we will be very happy to assist you by sharing our suggestions and best ideas.

We are just a mail away!

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