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“Trash the dress” at Elba Island, Tuscany

Friday, April 07, 2017

A “Trash the dress” shooting as post wedding event is quite new for Italian wedding photography, but it’s recently more and more appreciated and performed.




Its absolute main character is the wedding dress.

In the past, it was preserved as a unique memory of an unforgettable day. Today many couples choose dresses which can be re-used after the marriage, or, as the new trend inspires, they wear them again, after the wedding day, for an unconventional photo shooting, called “Trash the dress”.




This trend involves the newlyweds, who dress again like the day of the marriage but in unusual places, like a wheat or corn field, or a beach…a place where the two, with the complicity of the photographer (who, after the wedding day has surely become a friend) can run, roll in the sand, play with their dog…




Once come through the celebration and the wedding party, once said goodbye to relatives and friends, they can finally feel free to be and act as they want, without posing and with no fear to ruin their outfits, hairstyle or makeup!

In practice…REAL FUN!!



This new trend is also an occasion to be ironic towards marriage and to overturn the tradition of considering the bride like a princess, perfect and unattainable…




…but we definitely like its most romantic meaning: ruining the wedding dress in order to cancel the possibility to wear it again, wishing one’s own marriage lasts for whole life!





Thanks to our friends Claudia, Daniele and their dog, who shared with us their “Trash the dress” photo shooting at beautiful Elba Island, in Tuscany (Beaches of Procchio and Capo Bianco)

Photographer: Antonio Bartalozzi

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