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highlighting the elegance of a moment!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Photography speaks through the light, I try to express myself using my shots, and I use them to tell you about a love story, to describe a very "special day", and to "caputure a moment" that lasts for ever.


The eternity of a moment is enclosed in a detail, in a look that excites, in a color that speaks of life.



My ambition is to tell you through silent images, the stories of the protagonists of my pictures, whether they are lovers or families or simply sceneries.




My pictures will tell you everything about me!

My goal is to "highlight the elegance through its individual value", which privileges love and emotions.


The years devoted to photography have taught me that….

"Your eye sees, but your heart loves. The love for art, which dwells in your heart, allows you to create pictures that are magically a reflection of yourself "

Enzo Figliolia photographer

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