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italian wedding photographer

Friday, April 19, 2013

Today we want to tell you about a man who has made photography his whole world!

Italian Event Planners is happy to introduce you -ENZO CAMPITELLI-

He began his journey into the world of photography at the age of 15. Over the years he developed the technique of craft printing in black and white by using the enlarger.

Enzo improves his photographic style by working . Lover of beauty emphasizes his love in his shots. At the age of 19 he falls in love with the beauty of the "Yes I do" and decides to do his work in the name of this beauty and for what it is said to be the most beautiful day for every couple. The style used by Enzo, is one of the most "risky" photographic style, because he uses a reportage style, in which he enters in the event without being a weight for to the simplicity and spontaneity of everybody.







Taking pictures is not just press a button, but a photographer makes the difference for what he brings to completion on paper.







Enzo uses several professional handmade papers such Fine Art on which he personally print in black and white and in color. All materials used are high quality, including the photo album. Enzo moves across Italy for the couples who choose it as a photographer. The scenery of his works are always beautiful such as the AmalfiCoast (Ravello, Minori, Maiori,Positano), Sorrento and the islands of Capri, Ischia, Procida, and Tuscany (Siena, Florence, Pisa) Lazio (Rome).



Thank you Enzo! 

Pictures courtesy of Enzo Campitelli photographer.

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