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Before arriving in Italy you should obtain the Atto Notorio which is a sworn statement, from the Italian Embassy or Consulate in Australia, you should contact the Italian Consulate in the country where you live for an appointment.

The Atto notorio can be obtained in Italy as well, and if so, we will assist you with legal procedure needed.

You may need to have documents translated, the Italian consulate will give you a list of translators who are qualified to do this.

Nulla Osta you need in order to get married is issued by the Australian Embassy in Italy http://www.italy.embassy.gov.au/rome/Marriage.html

You will have to go there in person with the following documents:

- Full Birth Cerficates the ones with your parents names on.

- Evidence of any previous marriages. Divorce decree or death certificate. If you have been married before.

- Your Australian passport

- Fee in cash currently 50 AUS$.  The Embassy does not accept credit cards.

All certificates above except your passport, must be original, translated and apostilled. We can provide translation assistance for you.

The Nulla Osta must then be legalized by the Ufficio Legalizzazioni of the Prefettura, we can help you to da that.

We will only need a special stamp, each revenue stamp (marca da bollo) costs Euro 14,62.