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Atto Notorio, required for US citizens, is a sworn statement that needs to be done before the wedding: you can go to an Italian Consulate in the US, or if you prefer we can book an appointment for you in a US consulate in Italy, but you will have to arrive earlier in order to do this.

To obtain the Atto Notorio, you need to make a declaration in front of the Italian Consulate about your civil status, to make it official you should bring with you two witnesses.

In case you choose to get it done in Italy you should be able to provide the following documents:


Birth certificate the ones with your parents names on.

Divorce decree or death certificate. If you have been married before and they have to be translated in Italian and apostilled.

All must be translated into Italian except passports and apostilled, we can provide it for you. After you have been to the consulate, we'll be happy to finally end the procedure required for your civil ceremony in Italy by going to the Prefettura offices with the Atto Notorio to get it legalize.