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symbolic ceremony

The ideal solution for those who prefer not to go through the hassle of all the legal paperwork is definitely a symbolic ritual.

This is also the perfect option for those who wish to celebrate just a special occasion like an anniversary, or simply their vows renew.

Best of all, this type of ceremony has no restrictions, as it is not legally binding. It can be arranged wherever and however you want, we have so many possibilities to offer you: Charming medieval villages in Tuscany; wonderful and mysterious Lakeside venues, or amazing luxury private villa on the Amalfi Coast, for a spectacular seaside wedding, as well as the opportunity to choose from one of the most incredible timeless “city of art” across the country.

Ceremony and reception could take place in a magnificent castle using its beautiful secret gardens, or in a breathtaking view terrace overlooking the sea, where you will have your memorable first dance by the moonlight, yet you could chose one of the golden beaches, to reach the aisle barefoot, and last but not least, we can get you to a super romantic gondola ride through the Venetian canals?

Italian Event Planners will design spectacular and romantic floral arrangements, Great Italian food, and an extraordinary variety of music options!

Just get in touch with us, we are proud to say we can create the perfect wedding, a timeless and unique experience tailored for you.

The quality of our work is due to the great attention to detail, and the staff high-level skill.