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catholic ceremony

If your desire is to get married with a Catholic religious ceremony, we will denote a list of necessary documents required by the Italian Catholic Church.

Documents should not be done more than 3 months in advance, otherwise they will expire. A good time to send them is about 40 days before the wedding. You must submit all originals directly to the Italian Curia and to complete the requirements of Catholic marriage is essential to provide the originals.

Couple of days before the wedding, according to the Priest’s availability, we will organize an appointment to meet him.

For a Catholic wedding are required the following documents: Certificate of Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation stamped by the local Bishop’s office
. If the local parish is unable to provide the originals, you must request copies, which must be sealed by your local bishop. Declaration - formal letter by the Priest / Pastoral Advisor, who can say that you are both active in the Catholic Church, and that you are serious about having a religious blessing in Italy, then you will have to specify the name of the church you have selected in Italy and the wedding date. This letter is a permit required by the Italian Curia, which shows that your local priest knows you and allows you to get married in Italy. Possibly the letter must be written on parish letterhead.

The letter should also say that I have attended all the PRE CANA.


NULLA OSTA : This letter certifies that the religious authorities over our local priest approved your wedding in Italy.

This is probably one of the most important document required by the Italian religious Authorities. This letter must specify that you have NO IMPEDIMENT to get married in the Italian.

Original PRENUPTIAL INQUIRY FORM, also called prenuptial investigation, done together with your Priest, and issued by the Archdiocese of your city. This document ensures the Italian Curia that your marriage has been approved by the higher member of the Catholic Church in your country. It must be signed and stamped by your Bishop’s office , and not by the priest of the parish.


• If your civil ceremony was performed before the religious ceremony, you should show the original civil documents to the Italian priest.

• If you want to have a religious ceremony in Italy legally recognized, should provide in addition to what is listed above, the civil paperwork requested by the Italian law.

 Most of the Italian Churches do not require documents translated in Italian, but if you select an area where they do not offer this service, Italian Event Planners will take care of that.

These are some general procedures, which of course may vary from one diocese to another and, therefore, they must be checked case by case, consequently Italian Event Planners will guarantee you a professional assistance to face that.