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protestant ceremony

You’ll be able to find Anglican churches in some of the biggest Italian cities such as: Florence, Venice or Rome. This last one has the largest choice between Anglicans, Evangelicals, Methodists, Presbyterians, Lutherans and Waldensian.

However, we can also organize your Protestant wedding in many other wonderful and romantic locations like: private chapels, gardens and villas, and yet castles or historic palazzos from all over the country.

Your marriage can be legally recognized, unless you decide to have just a religious blessing.

Baptismal certificate or a certified letter from your minister or pastor: because one of the parties has to be baptized Christian.

You shoul meet the Minister or Pastor few days before the wedding.

Evidence of termination of any previous marriage, if you have been married before.

Sometimes it is necessary to prove that you belong to a church.

Evidence that you have taken part to pre-wedding courses.

Some documents may vary from one church to another and, therefore, Italian Event Planners will guarantee you a professional assistance to help you with that.