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jewish ceremony

There are several synagoguesinItaly to choose from, as first thing you should contact the rabbi, introducing yourself to him. Your presentation letter could be sent by email or fax.

You must provide the following documents, no more than six months prior to wedding date or they will expire.

Birth certificates.

Certificates declaring that you are both members of a Jewish communities and free to marry.

If divorced, a legal and religious Dissolution of Marriage has to be provided.

Ketubah of the bride's and the groom's parents' weddings.

TEHUDAT RAVAKUT, a certificate of single status issued by an orthodox Beth-Din.

If the mitzvah was already performed in the brides own community, a certificate may be requested. Otherwise the bride can perform the mitzvah in Italy, dated not more than four days before the wedding ceremony.

If you are planning to have a religious ceremony with legal validity you must also present all the documents required for civil ceremonies.