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orthodox ceremony

In Italy there are beautiful churches where you can celebrate Orthodox weddings.

The main Russian, Greek or any other Orthodox churches are located in major cities such as Rome, Venice, Florence, Naples and so on…

In order for your orthodox wedding in Italy to be legal, you should have done a civil ceremony before.

The requirements for an orthodox wedding in Italy are slightly different from church to church. That is why we are about to suggest you what is generally required, later we will discuss case by case and we will help you to collect the exact documentation needed.

You should be baptized and / or Chrismated. Churches may ask for baptism certificates.

Sometimes you need to have been an active steward for at least one year before the wedding date. If you've never been, please kindly inform us.

If you have been married before, you will have to present a religious annulment decree and a civil divorce decree (or certificate of death of former spouse, if applicable).