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Capri and Ischia are two beautiful islands off the coast of Naples, the first one is an opera of shiny white houses, tiny squares, and narrow medieval streets hung with flowers, amazing brilliant blue waters and incredible vistas. The second one is the largest on the Tirreno Sea, Ischia is also a volcanic island…spectacular breath-taking venue. Close to the Amalfi and Sorrento coasts and to Capri, Ischia, shares their unique beauty.

One of the most incredible places to visit in capri is the Grotta Azzurra (Blue Grotto), with its glowing cobalt and silver waters, which you can visit in a small boat while having a trip around the island. The legendary Faraglioni, Capri’s natural monuments, incredible great natural attraction, rising from the sea that you have to visit!

The air of Capri is heavily perfumed with flowers; everything is blooming and brightly colored. In fact thanks to seasonal flowers and professional musicians you can get your tailored atmosphere.

Capri is also the most exclusive destination in the Mediterraneo. Luxury boutiques, five star hotels and excellent restaurants and chic cafés will surround you.

The island has two important towns: Capri town, above the harbor, and Anacapri located at the very highest point. Capri town is famous for its lovely Piazzetta, Anacapri is more like an excellent getaway for walks because of its position. Ischia is also very well known for its spectacular white sand beaches, lovely boutiques, chic bars and cafés. In addition to this, Ischia has an unusual attraction to offer: hot springs, which will give you truly positive effects on health and on your skin in particular. The city of Ischia is divided in Ischia Porto, which is the main town of the island, and the quieter Ischia Ponte. The first one is well known as Villa dei Bagni. The second one, which is the old town of the city is also called Borgo del Celso, with beautiful 17th century buildings: Castello Aragonese and Palazzo Vescovile – the Bishop’s Palace.