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Sardinia is a land rich in natural beauty and, in some ways yet to be discovered. Porto Pino, the Emerald Coast and the beautiful archipelago of La Maddalena are just some of the places that this land offers. The people who live on this island, has developed a strong cultural identity, reinforced by the difficulty of reaching the mainland of the peninsula. The island is in fact a mixture of wonderful contrasts, never so much diversity was expressed in so many varieties of beauty. In some parts of the island, the landscape looks almost lunar, with stretches of land hostile and wild. However, after a short walk suddenly, you'll find yourself immersed in a rich vegetation and lush green countryside.

A wedding in Sardinia, is an experience for all senses. Whether it's what you see: amazing crystalline waters, the aroma releasing in the air by the myrtle, or just the taste of the Sardinian cheeses that delights you,finishing with the sound of the unmistakable launeddas, you will take away with you, the image of a mysterious charming island, dominated by ancestral features and immutable.

Destination Weddings in Sardinia, means adding a hint of mystery to your wedding experience. In addition to this Sardinia offers top quality reception and entertainment services. We must not forget that this incredible Island has many venues to offer, some of the most prestigious one such as Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo and Poltu Quatu. This Piece of paradise has been chosen for vacation by the international Jet Set.

Sardinian cuisine is based on very simple ingredients and is very varied: changes from area to area and the ingredients are extremely different. The barbecued meats, the homemade bread, cheese especially, and yet the wines, along with seafood are the best hints if you want to taste a great food.

By plane: 
Sardinia is connected to the major Italian and European airports.

By sea
ferries and ships, connect the Island with the main Italian and European ports.

Italian Event Planners can provide you a private transfers service at your disposal 24\7, to customize your staying here.

Best time to marry in Sardinia: Year round.