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Castello e Tonnara di Solanto

At 15km from Palermo, overhanging the sea, rises the majestic sicilian Castle.

One of the last Sicilian aristocratic residences on the territory. In the past resort of the king Ferdinando IV of Bourbon and the queen Maria Carolina.

It Rises in a wonderful position, in the middle of two bays, overlooking, with its majestic architecture, the romantic gulf. The Castle reached sudden fame for being the shelter of the queen Bianca di Navarra, during her escape from Palermo, at night time, to avoid the desires of love and power of the count of Modica, Bernardo Cabrera.


The Castle offers the possibility to be a prestigious location for unique receptions. Made of one room with royal double vaults, it was created with sandstone blocks giving to the place a warm and suggestive golden effect. The magic of this place gave the owners the idea to open the gardens to elite guests for prestigious events.

In an unforgettable atmosphere, between the sound of the sea and the brightcolours of an overpowering nature, you can relive intense emotions for the beauty of the landscape and the fascination of history.

During summer, in the park, also provided with a swimming pool, you can realize scenografical and refined receptions. During the warm season, between the garden and the big terrace, you can host events for about 400 guests.

In the winter months, the Royal palace inside the Castle has a capacity of about 300 seats.

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