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Dogana Veneta

This famous building dating back to Venetian time is located close to the ancient Harbour of Lazise on Garda Lake, in Lazise old town, straight on the lake and contiguous to the central square. It used to be the border zone between Lombardia (Milan) and Venetian Republic. In the XIV century functioned as customs house for commodity transit between Lombardia and Venetian Republic. Indeed, the ships had to pass through the huge arches of its front while entering it, before reaching the harbor from a side slit. Afterwards, this function failed with the fall of the Republic. The access from the lake was filled in and the building started being used as arsenal and saltpeter industry. During the twenty years of Fascism in Italy it was a "casa del fascio" (fascist party base). It has been recently restored, in 2003, to its former beauty; that’s why the building has been intended to house meetings, congress, gala dinners, weddings, art exhibitions, concerts, fashion shows, and also prestigious social and cultural events. The estate finely mixes the taste of an attractive monumental framework with the modern and contemporary technologies of a multifunction convention center. Is considered as one of the most elegant and exclusive events location in Verona’s province.


Restaurant Lake Garda 2 is the ideal location for your stylish wedding... 
the spaces can afford to host up to 350 people in one hall. 
The catering service here is external. For this reason, wedding menus are highly customizable and have very competitive prices. Rental fee varies according to the season and the day required. A civil ceremony can be done right within the Restaurant Lake Garda 2.


Lazise is located on the eastern Garda lake bank, between Castelnuovo del Garda and Bardolino, and outreaches the hinterland almost until Pastrengo. 
It is 24 km far from Verona, chief city of the province, which belongs to. 
The territory of Lazise includes a coastal zone, by the lakeside, and the vast hinterland of hills that smoothly slope to the lake, among olives and vineyards boarded by lines of cypresses. The town is totally surrounded by a ring of medieval walls with six towers, dominated by the mighty Rocca Scaligera, on the lakeside. Houses and other buildings are made of stone, they're often very ancient and they still maintain the original architecture. The historic centre is a promenade. Nowadays you can still have a sample of the impressive power of the Venetians during the XIV century if you simply take a look at the ancient walls of the town. 
Lazise is a very lively place with a interesting night life. 
The town centre can be easily reached through three doors. The ancient dock, included in the historic center, is very beautiful and gives Lazise a delicate nostalgic note. During centuries, many famous personalities visited the lake, such as Catullus, Goethe and Gustav Klimt, but tourists started to be really interested in Lazise only after World War II, when transalpine people, especially Germans, started to visit the South, looking for a cheap and geographically close destination.
 Lazise's inhabitants, until that only committed to fishing and farming, started to invest on tourism, by setting up structures such as hotels and camping still present on the territory. 
Around the main square, and along the lakeside promenade there can be easily found a various choice of restaurants and bars. In the narrow streets of the historic center you can find many shops and ice-cream parlors. 
The zone allows, among other traditional lake sports, calm walks on feet, by bike or by horse through panoramic and smoothly sloping streets. Definitely not to be missed the theme parks standing close to the town, such as Movieland Park, with its Aqua Paradise water park and the Movie Studios, and also, far just a couple of kilometres, the famous Gardaland park. 
The two hamlets of Colà and Pacengo offer a pleasant stay that merges being close to the lake to the immersion in a farming and country environment, with some farm holidays providing the products of their cultivations. 
The bound between Lazise and the German world became even stronger after the twinning with the Bavarian town of Rosenheim.

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