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LakeOrta such a delightful place located on the western shore of LakeMaggiore. It’s the perfect weddingdestinations, if you are looking for an intimate place where to celebrate your wedding in Italy, thanks to the peacefulness and the beauty of the landscape, LakeOrta is a place that takes you back in time. Everything here pleases your senses, and represents undoubtedly the perfect setting for your special day. Lake Orta is the most romantic among the Italian lakes. Clearwater, colorfulnature, charmingancienttowns and a mildclimate all year round. It is the perfect backdrop for a wedding to be remembered as a beautiful dream come true. Lake Orta offers a wide variety of historic houses, baroque churches, many of which are located in panoramic and evocative locations such as the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Sasso, wide selection of hotels and restaurants that responds to the spouse's needs, and that are the pride of the hospitality here. Planning a wedding is not easy, especially if the ceremony takes place far away from where you live. Italian Event Planners will be the guide for the bride and groom and their support. You can count also on a great team of qualifiedvendors and professionals that have been working in the area for long time.

Italian lakes are easily reachable from cities like Milan and Venice, Lake Como, Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta Milano Malpensa\ Linate airports (1 hour). Lake Garda: Venice airport (2 hours). As always we can provide you a private transfers service at your disposal 24\7, to customize your staying here.

The climate around the lakes tends to be always nice because of the water, compare to the surrounding cities, but the winters are still likely very cold. The summer months are easily the best if you are looking for a good weather so we recommend a period of time that goes from April through September.

We are able to plan for you: Civil, Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and Symbolicwedding in the Italian Lake region. For civil ceremonies there is a wonderful and a wide choice of villas and castles, for Catholic ceremony we have many churches to choose from, all with an incredible position and breathtaking views.

Regardless of the type of ceremony or reception you want to have, Italian Event Planners will be able to give you the most elegant and romantic wedding you could wish for.