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Stazione Leopolda

The venue we are proud to introduce you to is, or rather, was a real railroadstation. It was built in 1848 and is a protected site because of its historic-artistic merits. It is located at Porta al Prato, not far from the Parco delle Cascine, right on the city's wide boulevards and less than one kilometer, as the crow flies from, the historic center of Florence. The station in Florence is a huge and impressive structure, and the only one of its kind in Italy that hosts events related to contemporary culture and creativity.It is a facility with original physical features and a strong architectural identity. It is a piece of industrial architecture that was recently opened to the public, similarly to what is happening in big, post-industrial cities throughout Europe and North America.

It is a versatile structure thanks to its functional flexibility and also to its ability to harmonize with the different languages and atmospheres of the contemporary scene.


The building offers a gross covered area of 6,000 square meters in two main sections, the station proper and the new Alcatraz section. It is practically a single room beneath a metal roof divided into two 15-meter wide sections that are 140 and 100 meters long, respectively; ceiling height averages 7.5 meters and at the end point it exceeds 12 meters. Gae Aulenti remodeled the 1,100 square meter forecourts outside the building in 1996. One side is a former warehouse, annexed to the station. It is a two-story building with roughly 1,500 square meters of floor space. The ground floor comprises a central portion of 500 sq. meters that leads to a series of rooms - each with windows - totaling 280 sq. m. The two upper levels comprise a rectangular gallery - 250 sq. m. per story characterized by prefabricated reinforced concrete shelving once used to store hardware. On the first floor, in addition to the gallery there are rooms - with windows like those on the ground floor - totaling 280 square meters.

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