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Villa Corsini

The Villa was meant to be a wedding gift to the future wife of the Prince, the Princess Anna Maria Carafa di Stigliano.

Its interior was painted for the princess showing images of countryside’s gods and the heroisms of female figure. But the wedding never took place and the poor prince, who then became a cardinal, used such a beautiful and rich villa as a place for banqueting.

In 2000 a great work of restoration was started to bring back the splendor of the past. Placed on the middle of Chianti in the township of Impruneta, this villa pioneers in the field of events, hosts and organizes receptions since 1966. Their Mission is to valorize a Villa of extraordinary artistic and cultural value, through excellence in the receptions trade, their goal is to create and host receptions that meet the needs of clients:

“Each Reception must be unique, because unique is each one of our customers”.

Location must possess certain basic qualities. These are: position, accessibility, frame, interior spaces, exterior spaces, servicespace, systems, technology, parking, entry-exit, main hall, related services organization, flexibility of environment, skills and efficiency of staff. As you can see the requirements listed above are all necessary.


The Villa, with familiarity and creativity, proposes to make unique all the moments of your wedding: the ceremony, aperitif, lunch, and cake cutting and finishing with an open bar and dancing. The professionalism and corporate culture distinguish them; the satisfaction of their customers has been their hallmark for over 40 years. Making people feeling good is an art they have refined over time and with experience 

In order to get a full quote we must consider three variables: the day of the week, the number of guests and season.

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