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Villa il Garofalo

Located on the Florentine hill of Fiesole, the luxury rully restored Villa il Garofalo offers a spectacular view over the main monuments of the old town.




One of the families  that in the course of the centuries have lived in the magnificent villa, the most renowned appear to be the families of Dante Alighieri, the father of the Italian language, and of Beatrice Portinari, his inspiring muse.

The cloister’s original stone pavement and well inspire images of the Divine poet meeting his muse here. Near the cloister, the captivatingly romantic wood is often used for the summer receptions.
During the centuries the palace has undergone several changes, but none of which has altered its fascinating classiness.

Especially beautiful are the large tapestry of Brussels manufacturers in the piano room, and the ample mahogany table in the Mirror hall.

Three of the four ground halls open on the beautiful Italian gardens.




The gardens offer a breathtaking view over Florence, and the farthest section is fit for the celebration of outdoor ceremonies with a view.

The villa also features large English gardens with a wide parking area.  




5 Bedrooms in the Villa, Pool, Garden, Jacuzzi, for up to 10 persons.


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