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Torre di Cala Piccola



The Hotel Torre di Cala Piccola is settled upon a high point overlooking the Argentario Sea. It is 15 minutes by car from Porto Santo Stefano and 30 minutes from Porto Ercole. The hotel's panoramic positioning offers a 360° wondrous view of the cliffs of the Cala, the sea, and the islands of Il Giglio and Giannutri. Here you will imbibe on a veritable paradise that will be pleasing to your eyes and will assuage your mind. The only dissonance you will be able to perceive during your stay will be the outcries of the seagulls and the marine winds gently blowing upon the coast.


The Hotel Torre di Cala Piccola rises along one of the most riveting coastal tracts of the Argentario. It is set 100 metres above sea level. In its centre, the aged Torre Saracena from that which it has taken its name, was one time the haunts of pirates who overran the Mediterranean in search of prey. In 1057 the Tower was transformed into one of Europe's most chic club hotels. For years, the Hotel Torre di Cala Piccola has hosted Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and many other famed characters belonging to the political and entertainment field. Cala Piccola has become the must visit destination for travelers coming from all over the world in search of an extraordinary experience rather than just a simple vacation.




Private parties, wedding receptions, incentives and meetings: each event that is organized at the Hotel Torre di Cala Piccola can be described as being both in good taste and of an excellent quality. The reception can be organized alongside the infinity pool, or in the garden, admiring the colors of the sea and  the islands of Il Giglio and Giannutri, offers a magnificent atmosphere!!




Being all unique, the one different from the other, the rooms and suites of the Hotel Torre di Cala Piccola are distinct and attractive for their elegant interiors, reserved atmosphere, and for a perfectionists's attention to detail. But above all, the view of the Argentario Sea will leave you speechless every time you admire it.




Swimming pool, supplied with a spillway of soft water, has a vast panoramic view upon the sea, and from on high, the guests will enjoy this special place.


Eight-hundred metres from the hotel, on the rocky littoral, one comes upon the Caletta, with its seaside resort, of the Hotel Torre di Cala Piccola. Here, each of the guests always has a place reserved for them. This is a rare privilege earmarked in an area that possesses only a few accesses to the sea.


Restaurant and Bar


Wifi connection


Relaxation Treatments.


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