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Galeone Veneziano

The plaque on a pier at the Arsenal that mentions a Galleon for the first time dates back to 1531: this was a hybrid vessel, equipped both with sails and oars, showing its kinship with the smaller "galleys" by way of a long spur set in the "prow" of the galleon, which over time lost its original offensive function and became a platform from which to maneuver the sails.

The Galleon today is an original location for weddings in a uniquely impressive setting. Navigating amidst the waters of the Venetian lagoon, the timeless atmosphere that reigns on board seduces guests, surrounded by historic charm.

The elegance of the location and continuously changing scenery before the eyes of passengers are the strong points of this unusual  proposal, allowing you to create a customized event based on your requests and desires, in an original and supremely entertaining on board atmosphere.


An aperitif served in the basin of San Marco, a banquet enjoyed while navigating between the islands and canals of the lagoon, stopping for a charming photo shoot, a romantic toast as you cut the wedding cake in front of the splendid backdrop of Piazza San Marco; these are just a few of the privileges offered to guests on board the Galleon as a location for their wedding reception in Venice.

The supreme culinary arts of the Sirocco food workshop allow the Galleon to assure an excellent level of quality for food services.

Menu proposals range from the most classic dishes of Venetian tradition to the most refined international preparations, satisfying the divergent needs of customers with personalized menus.

They have the chance to host up to 84 guests seated, or there is a buffet service that goes up to a maximum of 130 people, however since the Galleons are two, these numbers are redoubled.

The rental fee for the Galleon may vary depending on the season and day of the week. Tech specs maximum capacity for each galleon: 146 passengers 84 seats with table service sound system with wireless radio and microphones heating system and a hardtop covering for the winter months a roof structure in case of rain during the summertime accessibility for the disabled.

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