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A rehearsal dinner is particularly important to us.

It is a way for you and your family and friends to gather all together before the wedding day!

They are all travelling from their countries for you two, to come to your wedding and to share such an important day of your lives. The rehearsal will be a way welcoming and to thank everyone for the trip done so far. This is a chance to bring it all together in a relaxed atmosphere, before the wedding itself, we can go for the kid of party you feel is going to suit you and your guest better.

We could arrange: dinner, brunch, cocktailparty, aperitif, pool side buffet… then we could provide music, candles, floral decorations around, yet small little presents as “welcome gift” for every guest.

Like aromatherapy products for example, that they can use from the day of their arrival. Imagine a day spent in tight spots with little leg room just as when they were aboard the plane

It can make anyone so sore and irritable. This is a reason good enough to think to greet your guests with a range of products for bodies sore. With the rise in popularity of the aromatherapy, in fact, it is nice to be original but practical at the same time, by giving something that can help them feel better with good results such as: relief of stress and physical pain. Treatments for travelers practically, as they are your guests, to help them sleep better perhaps, and to reduce the effects of jet lag!!!

Same way, Italian Event Planners can organize for you a Farewellparty, this time of course to thank everyone or the most intimate friends, for being with you and to have shared with you the most important day of your lives!

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