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The photographer basically represents one of the most important services for a destination wedding in Italy, no doubt about it. Wedding pictures are lasting for ever, they are beautiful memories of your wedding day and your staying here, by watching them you'll remember it for ever…

This is the reason why we have selected for you only the best.

A great photographer is somebody who’s familiar with the location where he’s going to take his shots, he'll connect immediately with it and you wont even notice that he is around you. Also, he has to be on top of everything, that way he won't miss anything. We are proud to say we can count on the best operators in the photography industry, many of whom have worked closely with us several times.

They are great professionals who know exactly how to make a difference in what they are bringing to completion on paper. In addition to this we guarantee that the material used is high quality, as well as the photo album.


If you choose to have a professional wedding videographer, then, you choose to record the special moments of your wedding day. Perhaps everything will be accompanied by your own song, which will become the soundtrack of your love story.

Hiring a videographer with experience, means that every single detail will be caught and be saved for you and your loved one for years to come.

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