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hair & make-up

The Italians are very well known for their sense of style, not only in fashion industry, but also in the world of beauty and hair styles. You and your bridesmaids could have your hair and make-up done by a professional make up artist and hairstylist.

Once approved this service, we can constantly be in touch, and you can even send us photos and images related to the type of hairstyle and make up you wish to. We can also advise you on the most appropriate to the season, the most suitable for your type of wedding dress you have bought, as well as the one recommended for the success of the wedding pictures.

We will give you a list of types of services, the price may vary by the number of people who would enjoy the service: only the bride - the bride & the bridesmaids. If you choose to have only the hairstylist or just the make up artist, or both.

Lastly if you choose someone who will have to move farther away, we will be add the cost of traveling. Included in the price there will be a trial session, in the days preceding the wedding, if possible.

This is highly recommended so you can discuss exactly what you require.

Hair services and make-up can be arranged at any location where you are staying.

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