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The music selection for your wedding day is not an easy thing to decide.

The choice of music will set the mood and the atmosphere of the entire day. There is such a wide offer of proposals today, which often confuses the young couples, the risk is to easily go for the wrong choice.

We will guide you through this by taking care of both music during the ceremony (whatever kind of ceremony you will plan) and music at the reception (during and after it).

Our suggestion for the ceremony is usually a traditional repertoire, and the choice of instruments formations go from duo: organ and vocals; to groups of several instruments: violin, harp, cello, flute, oboe, clarinet.

The recommendation for the music choice during the reception is that you decide to have a “moderate and elegant background” as not to disturb the conversation of the guests.

We can combine various instruments and music genres such as jazz and bossa nova for you.

Then, if you’ll decide to have an after party we could provide you a DJ and service audio too.

That would be the perfect time to get crazy on the dance floor!!!

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