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Villa Vignamaggio


Half way between Florence and Siena, the Vignamaggio estate extends for over 200 hectares in the hills of the Chianti Classico region, overlooking a typical Tuscan countryside landscape of vineyards, forests and ancient hamlets spread out on the surrounding hills.



Vignamaggio is a working farm since 1404; it has been cultivating the vines and producing wine for over 600 years. The Renaissance villa, with its distinctive pale pink walls, sorrounded by Italian style gardens, is the core of the property. The Italian style gardens in their present shape were designed in the 1930’s with the intention of uniting the forest and the house through an avenue of cypresses. Within the gardens or official parks of Renaissance villas, there was often a secret garden containing fruits or ornamental plants, called Pomario: an intimate corner, where lords and ladies could retreat amid fragrant herbs and flowers. For a long time, Vignamaggio’s Pomario was primarily used for growing flowers; today it has been developed into a proper vegetable garden which supplies Vignamaggio’s restaurant daily with vegetables, fruit and herbs grown according to organic gardening principles.



The villa was built by the Gherardini family in the XIV century: the famous “Gioconda” painted by Leonardo da Vinci between 1503 and 1506 portrays Monna Lisa Gherardini, of that family.

Kenneth Branagh chose Vignamaggio as the setting for his 1993 adaptation of Shakespeare’s theatrical comedy “Much ado about nothing”, great success of the 90’s.



Vignamaggio is the perfect environment for the Chianti wedding ceremony of your dreams. The place allows several possibilities to celebrate weddings: outside, the ceremony can be set in the courtyard in front of the villa or in the Italian style garden. The wedding dinner can be held either outside, in the garden or on the terrace with a view, or inside. The setting of the different moments of the ceremony and party can be decided with the couple basing on their own’s ideas and wishes.

Thanks to the agreement with the nearest Town Hall, at the Villa can also be celebrated Civil Wedding Ceremonies. The ceremony and the reception can therefore be held in the same place, adding a touch of magic to your special day.



Vignamaggio offers top quality accommodation with rooms, apartments and suites in the farmhouses and Renaissance villa.



The farm produces wine and oil and organizes tasting and guided tours.

The villa has a wellness centre for massages and wellness treatment packages.



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